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WH Quality Assurance

100% TESTEND: Quality is the utmost importance of World Helmsman. We invested heavily in R&D, continue to develop new security products and insist on examining goods totally before every shipment to our customers, and refine our quality management process to ensure that customers are satisfied with our products.

Quality Assurance, wh-tech.com

To offer WH network cameras and CCTV cameras of the good-quality products is our promise to the customers all over the world. WH insists on the conscientious quality-control from design, manufacturing, to service.

Give yourself a chance to experience the best cooperation with us. WH Inc, always delivery the best to you.

Network camera/ CCTV camera quality Testing

Quality Control
  • Assembling
  • Function Testing
  • Product Temperature Variation Testing
  • Packaging Inspection


Quality Policy
  • Customer Orientation
  • Innovative Technology
  • Continuous improvement
color, vector_video_quality_testing, wh-tech.com
Test Patterns
  • Color Testing
  • Vector Testing
  • Frequency Testing
  • Video Quality Testing
ptz camera testing, wh-tech.com
PTZ Testing, wh-tech.com
PTZ 72 hours non-stop running testing
PTZ function testing



camera color check by wh-tech.com
camera resolution check by wh-tech.com
Color chart check
Resolution chart check
camera detail check by wh-tech.com
camera Grayscale check by wh-tech.com
Color food check
Grayscale chart check
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