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How network cameras over a network for remote viewing?

WH Network camera Technical FAQ

For most CCTV surveillance systems, it is relatively easy to expand the number of cameras and monitors within a building, but viewing those images from another location is another story; however, if a building is equipped with a network, the necessary infrastructure is already in place to add WH IP network camera, and dynamically expand when and where video can be viewed.

Transferring and Storing Images

Several transmission types are available for connecting to the Internet. These include standard and ISDN Modems, DSL Modems, Cable TV Modems, T1 Connections, and 10, 100, and 1000 M bit Ethernet Connections. In addition, Cellular Phone Modems and various Wireless Network options are also available. Digital images can be stored on hard disks. Typically several million images can be stored on one hard disk. When the hard disk is full, the computer can be programmed to automatically erase old images and make space for new images. There are a large number of professional security systems managing the complete security application available on the market today.

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