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Network Camera Light Requirements

WH Network camera Technical FAQ

The most common reason for poor image quality is insufficient light. With too low a light level the colors will be dull and the images blurry. The light level is measured in Lux. Strong sunlight is approximately 100,000 Lux, full day light is 10,000 Lux and candle light is 1 Lux. Usually at least 200 Lux is required to capture good quality images.

Bright areas should be avoided, as images might become over-exposed and objects appear too dark. This problem typically arises when trying to capture an object in back light. A WH IP network camera adjusts the exposure to obtain good average light level for the image, but the contrast of colors between the object and the background influences the exposure. To avoid this problem, small dark object should be displayed towards a dark background to achieve correct contrast and color.

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