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Products List: Fixed Cameras

WH Network cameras

WH Fixed camera type: network camera and CCTV cameras, both provide fixed series, for indoor and outdoor video surveillance applications. For more about fixed camera introductions, feature, specifications, and related links, please checks the camera product.

Fixed network cameras

WH-110 fixed network camera
wh-h230 fixed network camera
wh-h260 fixed network camera
wh-r220 fixed network camera
wh-r330 Fixed network camera wh-r6000 Fixed network camera wh-r6600 Fixed network camera

Fixed CCTV cameras

wh-5200 fixed cctv camera wh-5210 fixed cctv camera    
WH-5200 WH-5210    

Fixed Dome CCTV cameras

WH-2400 Fixed Dome CCTV camera wh-2500 Fixed Dome CCTV camera wh-2600 Fixed Dome CCTV camera wh-2700 Fixed Dome CCTV camera
WH-2400 WH-2500 WH-2600 WH-2700
wh-5000 Fixed Dome CCTV camera wh-5100 Fixed Dome CCTV camera    
WH-5000 WH-5100    

Outdoor CCTV cameras

wh-1200 Outdoor CCTV camera wh-1400 Outdoor CCTV camera wh-1500 Outdoor CCTV camera wh-1600 Outdoor CCTV camera
WH-1200 WH-1400 WH-1500 WH-1600
wh-1700 Outdoor CCTV camera wh-1800 Outdoor CCTV camera wh-1900 Outdoor CCTV camera wh-2000 Outdoor CCTV camera
WH-1700 WH-1800 WH-1900 WH-2000
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