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MPEG4 Pan Tilt Zoom function

WH-M300 Network Dome camera


  • Price: $479.00
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  • Pan, Tilt, and Zoom function
  • Remote control
  • 32 preset auto patrol
  • Day and Night surveillance
  • High performance 32bit CPU processor
WH-M300 network dome camera - Pan tilt Zoom function
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iPro Orbit WH-M300 network dome camera Introduction

The iPro Orbit WH-M300 Network dome camera combines innovation and performance for video surveillance applications. The dome camera performs high speed motor rotation for pan, tilt, and zoom, rotation speed up to 80° per second, allows user to remote control PTZ dome camera. The WH-M300 can rotate to the designated position quickly.

The network dome camera with Pan focal lens that can focus on all object, application such as car parks and public areas, provide high quality image to meet you need. The WH-M300 dome camera is standalone with high performance 32bit CPU processor with strong capability in computing, enables capture more detail and true color reproduction. Also the network dome camera with high power IR LEDs supports day and night surveillance requirement.

Powerful Video-Processing chip

The powerful Video-Processing chip enhancing image quality automatically processed such as strong backlighting, bright highlights and deep shadows.

  • Outstanding image quality
  • Exceptional dynamic range
  • Captures more detail
WH camera DSP chip

Night time vision (15M Infrared LEDs)

The WH-M300 camera is equipped with a high-resolution CCD lens to provide crystal clear images in real time, even at night. At dark or low light situation, Infrared sensor switches the camera to deliver black & white images.

WH-R220 night vision-1 WH-R220 Night vision 02

Pan/Tilt Control functionality
For the remote control of the pan/tilt functionality via internet or network, you can adjust the camera's viewing angle by simply clicking the Up/Down/ Left/Right button, enable you to easily move the camera lens to focus on the object which you want to monitor.

  • Pan - Left and Right up to 355 degrees
  • Tilt - Forward and Backward up to 90 degrees
32 Preset Settings for a Multiple point Auto-patrol surveillance

PTZ preset position

Pan Focal Lens (3x Optical Zoom)

WH Pan focal lens WH pan focal lens
Pan Focus Lens Image
Vari-Focal Lens Image

How They Work

WH-M300 is designed for long-term life of rotation and cost saving. With its high speed torque and low vibration features, the speed dome camera can effectively keep working for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the every saving mode.

Rotation Speed
Stepping Motor
High Performance Belts
PTZ camera
80°/ Sec
Output 1.3 times
High Tensile Strength
Resistant to oil, grease, dirt, humidity, and chemicals
General PTZ camera
20°/ Sec

Hybrid Stepping Motor

  • HIGH TORQUE: Output is 1.3 times as high as conventional products
  • LOW NOISE: 7dB quieter
  • Long service life

WH-M300 network camera Include:

  • Software CD and user manual
  • WH-M300 camera
  • Power adapter
  • Mount bracket
  • Power connector
WH-M300 network dome camera Feature
  • Perfect for indoor wide range surveillance application
  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom function combine 32 preset auto patrol
  • Power IR Led support 24/7 all day surveillance
  • 3x Optical Zoom (2.8~7.3mm)
  • Advanced DSP chip capture more detail
  • Low light performance application
  • Advanced 1/3 Super HAD CCD Sensor
  • High quality standard of MPEG4 and M-JPEG Compression
  • Combine CCTV technology and network surveillance
  • Professional 16CH Video surveillance software support multi-lingual selection:
    (English, Portuguese, Italian, French, Turkish, German)

WH-M300 Network dome camera Specifications

iPro Orbit WH-M300 PTZ
Image sensor
1/4" Super HAD CCD
Sensitivity (Lux)
0.5Lux /F2.0
H-Resolution (TVL)
380 TV Lines
QCIF (160x112/ NTSC; 176x144/PAL) CIF(352x240/NTSC; 352x288/PAL)
D1 (720x480/NTSC; 720x576/PAL)
Video Frame-rate
30 fps at full D1 resolution
Lens type
3x Pan Focal Lens
f=2.8mm ~ 7.3mm
S/N Ratio
Video Output
Video Standards
Electronic Shutter
NTSC: 1/60 ~ 1/100,000
PAL: 1/50 ~ 1/110,000
Backlight Control
White Balance
Long service life LEDs
Extra High Power IR LED (15~20M)
Pan scan angle
Tilt scan angle
Pan scan speed
80° Per Second
Tile scan speed
80° Per Second
Preset Point
32 Preset Point
Voltage Supply
12VDC (option)
Operating Temperature
‐10°C ~ +50°C
Operating Humidity
0% ~ 85% RH

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