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Bank surveillance

WH Network Cameras

  • Network camera enhance banks security
  • Provide efficiently video surveillance system
  • Remote monitor the ATM locations
  • PTZ camera provide pan/tilt/zoom functionality
  • Event triggering and e-mail alarm
  • Converting your analog CCTV system to IP network

BanksThe WH network camera for banks surveillance security is a necessary concern. Many banks around the world are still using traditional CCTV system. The analog CCTV camera must be connected to the fixed monitoring location by dedicated coaxial cabling, and the tape-based system requires personnel to manage. It is labor-intensive to change the tapes from day to day and is also time-consuming to search through tapes. The actual image quality is usually unsatisfactory as the tapes wear out.



Optimizing bank Video surveillance system
As we know, the video surveillance systems always play the leading role for the bank security, it must be efficiently. The image quality is one of the most important features of the network camera. What do you think if the bank was robbed and the security personnel have the images which they can not see what's going on? All the problems will be solved by converting your analog CCTV system to Network video Surveillance.

Network video surveillance for banks and ATM's

surveillance for bank of ATMWH network camera video surveillance system is a solution which ties video surveillance, remote surveillance and alarm into one system, designed to provide an effectively protection for banks.

WH network camera products offers camera includes:

A network camera IP surveillance system offers the major advantage of enabling security personnel to monitor the remote ATM locations, the branch lobbies, offices, cash-processing centers or the headquarters building from anywhere on the network. The advanced of a IP network camera of the PTZ camera video system is simple and can also be integrated with other security applications, such as pan tilt zoom, motion detection, event triggering and alarm notification via e-mail. Images are stored on computer hard disks or storage servers, employees do not have to change and take care of video tapes.

WH IP network camera of the PTZ dome not only capture and deliver images, but also to manage and compress them digitally, and makes it possible to quickly provide emergency services agencies with photos that can help them identity and apprehend suspected criminals. For example, there’s a back which has been robbed, the images were recorded clearly by the software and the digital picture of the bank robber from the snapshot of the IP network camera will be sent over Internet to the police right away.

Converting your CCTV system to IP Network Video Surveillance

If you already have traditional CCTV system in operation for the banks, it is easy and cost-effective to create an IP network surveillance system by using your existing analog cameras and cables.The video server provides the connection between the analog cameras and the network, enabling remote monitoring from your analog cameras, you can see the video images from any computer on the network without the needs and expenses of additional hardware or software. Video server provides a easy way to the banks to convert the CCTV system to IP network surveillance system.

WH network CCTV camera offers camera includes:

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