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Government surveillance

WH Network cameras

  • Building Government surveillance of network camera
  • Efficiently video surveillance to protect citizens
  • Support external devices: IR-sensors and alarm relay
  • Intelligent video surveillance software
  • Remote control, Recording, Alarm management
  • Wide range video surveillance of PTZ camera
  • Support 64 preset position and continued guard tour
  • Snapshot function use in airport
  • Infrared LEDs for day and night surveillance
  • Remote control over network

The WH network camera for government surveillance solution is to provide for the security of the nations. To enhance the government security and provide a safe environment is the best assurance that future generations will continue to enjoy the save life and make this country a place of hope.


Provide efficiently IP surveillance system

For critical infrastructure protection, WH understands that governments need an efficiently video surveillance system to provide citizens with higher levels of security protection.

WH Security provides IP surveillance system allows the security department to transport and access video images and audio sounds over the existing network. The IP network camera support auxiliary input/output connector, it can be connected to a variety of external devices, such as IR-sensors, switches and alarm relays, enable to integrate with programmable alarming facilities and the existing cameras to develop a variety of security applications that are triggered on alarm-based events. The video surveillance software offers an intelligent management platform; system operators can continue to perform remote-control, recording, and alarm management operations with real-time video access. Video images can be managed easily and you will never again spend long time searching through video tapes, helps your organization increase operational efficiency. It is a solution for less costly deployment, easy expansion and richer intelligence.

Let's look how intelligent IP surveillance technology can provide a good security solution for the government organization:

Network camera provide efficient monitoring

WH monitoring airportWith the treat of international terrorism, government security at airport has the highest priority. IP surveillance network camera of the PTZ camera can focus on all important areas to perform efficient monitoring, capture high-quality digital images from departure hall, boarding gate, passport control, check-in area and security check.



PTZ Dome for airport wide-area surveillance

airport_apronsThe PTZ and PTZ dome cameras provide a full range of pan, tilt and zoom movement, for wide range video surveillance, and support 64 preset positions and continued guard tour monitoring. It is ideal for professional surveillance at airport aprons, halls of the airports, public transportation stations, and also for the traffic monitoring on the freeways.


Network camera snapshot function application in airport

WH snapshot_on_airportThe airport is responsible for large quantity of passenger movements day to day. The Snapshot functionality of WH Security network camera enables the officers to monitor and capture a still image for every passenger, so that all the passengers has the photo file in the archives of the Customs.

WH network camera offers camera includes:


Fixed network camera installation on border check point

WH border_check_pointThe IP network fixed camera set up at each border check point to view the cars come through and keep track of the license plates. The digital video is also being viewed from the control center at the remote location all the dubious cars will be detected and tracked easily.



High definition camera improve government security

WH government buildingsThe WH network camera well-suited installation at outside government buildings and public buildings can efficiently prevent vandalism and increase security for the people in the buildings. WH Security IP network camera of the fixed camera with Infrared LEDs for day and night video surveillance and high definition aspherical vari-focal lens are ideal for surveillance in various conditions.


Remote control center and motion detection

WH government control centerAll the digital images from WH IP network camera are observed in a control room or the government remote control center through the existing network of video surveillance and the video images can be stored onto the storage server. For the closed security zone, motion detection can be set to prevent the invaders, for the security personnel can give the immediate responds to the unusual event.

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