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Harbor surveillance

WH Network cameras

  • Network camera enhancing harbor security and protecting
  • High-resolution video image
  • Distributing real-time network video surveillance
  • High quality compresses transmit video data by network
  • Pass IP66 standard for outdoor surveillance
  • Network surveillance provide effective management

Harbor surveillanceThe WH network camera for harbor surveillance solution enhancing maritime security and protecting the harbors and seaports from acts of terrorism and other crimes is a top priority for all the coastal countries. Some of the harbors are critical to the nation's economic growth, handling large quantity of overseas cargo and passenger’s every day. To look into security and crime issues at seaports across the nation is very important.

With the demands of security at harbors and seaports over the world, IP surveillance network camera video surveillance system is an ideal solution for enhancing their security defense by providing high-resolution video images in varied conditions, and enabling quick-responds by identifying important situations and distributing real-time network video.

Ideal for harbor outdoor surveillance


WH IP network camera allow security professionals to capture the live video from the vast areas of open water and coastline, track the vessel traffic and transmit the video image to the remote central-control room. WH network camera over video server which digitized and compresses the video data and transmit the video data by the existing network can be connected to the outdoor cameras to provide clear image and outdoor IP66 standard for waterproof protected is ideal for harbor outdoor surveillance solutions.

WH network camera offers camera includes:

IP network video surveillance system is a centralized solution, security personnel can monitor more geographical locations at the same time and the video data can be stored and managed easily by storage server. The WH network camera of the PTZ camera system can be integrated with the existing network easily and provides the effective advantages for improved management of the harbor activities, from traffic to customer safety and protection of property. It is an effective way to reduce terroristic attacks and protect maritime assets.

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