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Parking Lot surveillance

WH Network camera

  • Network camera provide safe parking lot environment
  • Reduce criminal acts and destructive events
  • Auto detection intruders
  • Viewed from any PC or notebook though network
  • Support pan/tilt/zoom, two-way audio
  • Outdoor IP66 standard for waterproof protection
  • Infrared LEDs for Day/Night surveillance

Parking_lotThe WH network camera for parking lot surveillance many of the criminal acts at shopping malls, business offices and hospitals occur in the parking lot. When the customers come into the parking lot, they need to feel safe and have confident that their cars won't be stolen or vandalized. If you are an administrator of a parking lot, the security of your parking lot is extremely important for you. Thinking about if any destructive events happened in your parking lot, business may face the risk of losing the clients. An effective Video surveillance system will preclude the possibility of steal and vandalism efficiently.

Powerful IP video surveillance system protection

WH provides the IP network video surveillance system which is able to observe activity, inspect vehicles from the entrances and exits, observe illegal attempts, and detect intruders in the protected area. The IP network camera of the PTZ camera capture every detail images and the images can be immediately viewed from any PCs in the central room through the existing network cable, no coaxial cable or other equipment requested. IP network  video surveillance system enable remote surveillance from any computer which network connected, the IP network camera which support pan/tilt/zoom ability, two-way audio also allow you to hear and speak with visitors or intruders in real time through the network from remote locations. This powerful technology of IP video surveillance system, combines IP66 standard with outdoor waterproof and Infrared LEDs for day/night indoor and outdoor surveillance, is an efficient flexible solution for enhancing your parking lot security.

WH network camera offers camera includes:

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